Mary Kassian

I read Mary Kassian’s blog often and lately she has been contrasting Girl-Gone-Wild vs. Girl-Gone-Wise! What a fun way to show us how to be wise women. I loved today and wanted to share. I think you will enjoy too! Possessions How she handles her money and resources Girl-Gone-Wild: CircumspectGirl-Gone-Wise: Indulgent Girl-Gone-Wild: “SI have spread my…Read more »


This week was the week I was going to email out invitations for a new bible study, “Interrupted by Jen Hatmaker.” I was so excited to get this started since our church bible study ended last week. However, I was interrupted with life here. I already have the emails in my draft box and something…Read more »


Our family has been trying to think of ways to save money to help those who are less fortunate than us -here are some facts to wrap your brain around. Just in case you were having a day when you thought maybe you weren’t so fortunate.  *Of the six billion people on planet Earth, about…Read more »

I had the incredible privilege this week of flying to Springdale, Arkansas and giving my testimony to their ladies group. After a special time of sharing what God has done in our lives, I was invited to lunch by an old friend and one of her friends. This sweet, precious girl shared her story of how her 3 day…Read more »

Do you ever feel like you have something to say and not sure how to say it? Then you read something or someone and think, that’s the way I would like to have said that. Only she did it so much better! Here are some blogs I am loving right now. Why? They are honest…Read more »