People You Should Know

This girl – she loves me, encourages me and keeps me healthy when all I want to do is eat queso and not exercise. She holds me accountable when needed and gives me grace when my world falls apart. I might have joined her running group and said I was going to run a half…Read more »

People to Know

This is my girl! Meet THE TRISHA MURPHY at The Grace Hack My hair wouldn’t be my hair without her wisdom. She is one of those people who I wish I saw more but when I see her – “we complete other.” Except she puts recipes up – and y’all know that ain’t me. But otherwise,…Read more »

People To Know

Life has just been too sad lately – here we have all the goods on lipstick. My little sister Breanne. She is married with four kids. She effortlessly has put herself through nursing school and is one year away from her nurse practitioners degree while working full time and raising this bunch. Many of you…Read more »

She Kept My Dollar

This week my husband and I drove nine hours plus each way to attend Deb’s funeral. I knew I needed to be there and it was so good that I was. We laughed, we cried and celebrated a life lived to the fullest. Deb lived a life that was an example to each of us…Read more »