In effort to encourage others to make the sacrifice to take a mission trip this year I am going to post some old blogs: Today was my first day home from Peru. It is Sunday morning. Church day. I walked into my closet to get ready and, due to the huge mess I made last…Read more »

Foto Fun

I downloaded a test version of Photoshop CS4 to see what all I could “do” with it. Me, who scours the internet trying to learn how to help my dull pics. It is hard but I am learning some things. Thanks to all the photo sites out there and the free actions. 🙂 Here is…Read more »

Pray for Peru

Tomorrow at 8 AM (yikes, I haven’t been dressed and ready to go anywhere at 8AM since way before Christmas break – how am I going to packed and ready in the morning?) we head off to Peru for our annual mission trip. I am so excited and ready for the 70 degree weather. Since…Read more »