New Year . . . New Plans . . . New Growth

// I will be starting a Facebook group here! We will read the bible together in 90 days – click on the link above to join. Today is the last day on Amazon to order and receive by Dec. 31st. On January 15th, I will start the 80 day obsession with Beachbody and will also…Read more »

Marriage Killers

Thank you to Faith Whatley for sharing with us in our “Marriage Killers” series. Faith is a mentor to me in work and home life. She challenges me and is an encourager to me. I know y’all will love her as much as I do!  

The Other Man – Real Talk Q’s

THE OTHER MAN What would you say to young marrieds with young kids about prioritizing the marriage relationship? In your experience, does spending alone time with your husband make you a better mom? (Example: it can be hard or I can feel guilt about having a kid-free weekend when I’ve been at work all week,…Read more »