Tuesday Teen Challenge

Last week we challenged marriage – this week TEENS

*Teach them something – how to cook a meal, RINSE A SINK (this is my goal to teach the boys how to rinse out a sink every time they use it – it only takes a second but makes a huge difference – can I get an AMEN?), use a vacuum.

*Show them unconditional love each day in one significant way – when the homework doesn’t get done (pull up a chair and help) – watch my reaction during confession (show them how Paul said “I do what I don’t want to do and what I want to do, I don’t – make that verse real to them) Show them the struggle with sin. (Rom. 7)

*Ask questions that require more than a one word answer – Pinterest has tons of examples

*Give them grace – my dad has always said, “If I am going to err, let it be in grace” and he always has – there has never been a doubt in my head that I could not come to him with all manner of folly. This is one thing you can offer your kids and remember that it is Jesus’ “kindness that leads to repentance” Grace is scary because it gives up control but remember He is has full control so we don’t have to. You will never regret a response of grace.


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