Monday Marriage Challenge

It’s a new week – will you join me in weekly marriage challenges?

Here is your challenge – should you choose to accept it?

* Praise your spouse

*Willis (our dog) Greeting – when our dog greets us, no matter if we entering from a different room or have been gone a week – he wags his tail and jumps all over us in happiness – do the same for your spouse.

*Irritation Reversal – when the slightest thing irritates you – make the CHOICE to let it go

*Irritation Discussion – choose a different time (preferably in public and when things are good) to discuss and tell your spouse how they can show you love (do. not. expect mind reading and then allow and vent frustration when expectations are not met) Start with I feel . . . I need . . .

Let me know how these challenges are changing you and your marriage!


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