What Happened to Peanut Butter and Jelly?


Summer is upon us and for our house that means teenage boys all summer long who want to be fed often. Constant hunger causes me great distress. Surely they don’t desire food again – we just ate.
I popped onto Pinterest for “lunch ideas for teenage boys.” After scrolling for too long and diving into the abyss of comparison and self-loathing – I quit.

We have made life too hard. We have created the madness and it is time to get off the crazy train.

I have to ask – what happened to peanut butter and jelly with only two options grape or strawberry? If you were lucky you had the choice of crunchy or plain. That is it. The end. We are returning to peanut butter and jelly in our house and I am not going to cut off the crusts and forget the creative shaped sandwiches.

Jesus makes life simple for us – He sums up our commands with two things – peanut butter and jelly .
Love God.
Love People.

We can absorb ourselves in management tools – the personality tests, the production enhancers and  all things that are supposed to make us better. Tools and tips can be helpful but these two commands will change all families, teams, and friends.

Love God – being full of Him.
Love people – seeing them through His lens.

Today when situations arise and humans need wisdom let this reign in you “What does God want to accomplish in this situation?” and “What is the loving response?”

It is not a compliment sandwich that veils the criticism in praise.
It is not a cure to a personality type.
It is not a process for high productivity.

It is a way of life.
Peanut butter and jelly.
Love God.
Love people.


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