Life has just been too sad lately – here we have all the goods on lipstick.

My little sister Breanne. She is married with four kids. She effortlessly has put herself through nursing school and is one year away from her nurse practitioners degree while working full time and raising this bunch.


Many of you prayed for Ava when she was undergoing many surgeries and difficulties. We are thankful for your support.


My sister is alway the one keeping me up to date on all stuff I should try from Rodan and Fields (yes, I have sun spots)  to essential oils to my newest LipSense experiment. This is Bre rocking “Bella”. Lipstick is what keeps me from looking sickly. I know when people ask me if I am tired or don’t feel well it’s time to que the lipstick. (Why do people feel the need to tell me when I look tired? Some things are best kept to yourself.)


And here I am in my office bathroom attempting LipSense for the first time.






And my final end of the day video wearing Beige Champagne! It worked, the color stayed on all day. I had a few Diet Dr Peppers, coffee, salad and and apple and it STAYED THE EXACT SAME. I can’t wait to try out more colors! What color would you get? Order your color here



Breanne can help you find your right color here. 52661083446__23ccf88b-fe17-43ac-82da-2d63750e5b00-jpg.jpeg

Or order here

You will thank me when you can put this on in the morning and not think about it all day. You’re welcome!




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