Beth (you know her?)

For the last 20 years of my life I have wanted to be Beth Moore. Today, I realize I am like her (I think she would want to have coffee with me). We both have a story of deep hurt and pain (who doesn’t) but we also have the same deep inner fight to defend those who cannot defend themselves. We both are ones who will gladly give up the praise of many to love the a few. For that, I want to hug her scrawny neck and tell her to gain some weight – I have some of mine that I would gladly share with her.

My love for her began years ago in a Bible Study but she sealed the deal the day I received a handwritten letter from Beth (yes, we are on a first name basis-she doesn’t know this but I do). Two weeks after our son Jake died she took the time to write to one she didn’t know and encourage me because of the grief I was experiencing. Beth reached out to a young mother who needed a champion in her corner. Her encouragement was one of the reasons I knew I would make it. She gave me hope, courage, and the perseverance I needed to face each new day.

I see in her heart to share the grace and mercy she and we all need. We remember a time when we personally needed that same mercy. We often demand mercy for ourselves yet require perfection from those around us. Lets all seek to be gentle with those around us.

Please join New Vision Buchanan for the upcoming simulcast of Beth Moore’s “Captivated: The Wonder of Christ on the Winding Road”  on September 16th . We would love to have each of you!

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