The People You Need to Know

Once a week on Real Talk with Kasey on insta (do you follow my instapage? You should here)I want to introduce you to peeps that “help a sister out” in all areas like cleaning, health, leadership. All the things.

Today, I want you to meet my friend Sharra who occasionally cleans my house and when she does. . . .  this happens. Let it be known to all that I am NOT a Tiger fan (my son was brain washed when we lived in LA) I cheer the way my daddy taught me, Roll Tide. 13061925_10207834878724190_2095308468247360712_n.jpg

13102837_10207834878764191_5285331475564110971_n.jpgCan I also just say that I learned while trying to find this old pic on Facebook that you can search all the posts that you and another person are tagged in together. Game Changer – this effectively ends the endless scrolling down to find something. (How to get there you ask?Go to the friend’s profile, and click on the … icon close to the Message button.Select the item Friendship.On the page of you and your friend’s friendship click on Photos.)

Today, you get two for one. I am generous like that. But the best part is this girl right here. Her page will make you laugh (and she can SANG, which is an added bonus) and maybe just maybe make you want to clean something. Or maybe you will just sit on the couch and watch her clean and then you will get up and feel like you have actually done something. Learning is half the battle.

Go follow this girl at A whole Lotta Jesus and Windex 

(You should also know that when I read back over this blog post, I deleted 5 exclamation points. I am here for you!


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