How to Modernize Your Style

One of my besties is the manager of The Buckle clothing store. She taught me this “rule of 3” (there is also one in design but that will have to be another post.)

When picking out an outfit for day think of the “rule of 3.”

IMG_5676.JPGHere my first layer (which is actually two but I needed a long cami because LEGGINGS ARE NOT PANTS).  Please disregard the dog toy, Brad’s bald head in the mirror and chalkboard that needs to be repainted. Pay attention people to the real story.

Here is the second layer: Good grief, I should not be wearing these stripes but that is beside the point.  I’m going to print this picture and tape it on my refrigerator.


And then here I add the 3rd layer or accessory:

IMG_5678.JPGNotice the difference? This will change the way you get dressed in the mornings or at 4pm for the stay at homes moms. Disregard that SAHM, this will one day bless you. All these clothes came from Emerson Kate. She is my girl who drops off clothes to me at my house and work.

And Brad didn’t want to be left out of the picture-making this morning.IMG_5679.JPG

Happy Layering.


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