Candles . . . Candles . . . Candles

20882517_10214679813052812_156189609930019397_n.jpgCandles. Can we just talk about them for a moment. My older sister (@anglc4) taught me this – always light a candle. Always. I previously would light candles 15 min before I was having company. Now I light them for my family, for my morning quiet time, and for me to sit in bed and have a cup a coffee. They just make me happy and feel pampered to have one lit. I am also religious about the @bathandbodyworks ad and I only buy on sale and with a coupon. My favorite scent right now is Midnight Blue Citrus. What is your favorite candle brand and flavor? (Is that right??? Flavor?? Smell? Type??) You get the point. (And do you love the coffee stain on my bedside table? #character)

P. S. I went to BBW on Sunday for their sale and my coupon and I forgot about Sweater Weather. Hello Fall.



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