What I Do When I Am In a FUNK

  1. Make an appointment with my counselor and keep it.
  2. Let my inner circle know – especially my husband, just saying it helps those around us know that we are in a tender spot.
  3. Worship music. I love country music and listen often but I also know what music can do to me when I am vulnerable. Music is created to dance on our heart strings and can wreck already damaged emotions but worship music will heal the feels. This also applies to what I read and watch. “Be careful little eyes what you see, be careful little ears what you hear”
  4. Give myself grace.
  5. Get people to hold me accountable to my health – I did a water challenge last week and this week is no sugar (NOW THIS MIGHT PUSH ME OVER THE EDGE) and now my husband keeps throwing around dirty words like whole30.
  6. Get moving – go on a walk, run, kick box – get those endorphins flowing
  7. Be real with God. Get in the psalms and hash it out. Then get to the end of Job (Ch.38-41) where God shows Job how (insert your own adjective here) God is.


These are in no particular order so do them all.


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