20 Things I Have Learned in 20 Years of Marriage

1) the rocky start doesn’t define a smooth finish

2) my way isn’t the only way

3) frustration and love are closely connected

4) women mature quicker than males – hang in there

5) One day you will wake up and realize that he is the one holding it all together

6) his way of correcting/disciplining kids is so very healthy and needed

7) I don’t know as much as I think I do

8) I am easily deceived (ask Eve)

9) asking myself “what is it like to be married to me?” Makes me want to cringe

10) your husband loves/wants you the WAY you are

11) “FAT SEXY”- convo about what husbands want – weight doesn’t matter to men – they want curves and confidence #allaboutthebass

11) the longer together= the better

12) death/heartache can bring you closer

13) counseling helps

14) God made us different to compliment yet our sinful nature desires conflict

15) focus on what you like about each other – we all stink at life and the more we look at what one stinks at – the harder we are on each other

16) I stink at life and so does he- get that – the Gospel- we are two fools searching for grace and mercy.

17) enjoy each other / take time away, relax – and spend concentrated time together

18)lock the door, to your bedroom=keep kids out

19) don’t quit – marriage gets better

20)use the places/circumstances God places you in to share His story of salvation


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