5 Ways to Make Your Home a Missionfield

I have watched so many women struggle with the idea that they aren’t doing enough, being enough. The idea of packing up and moving to Africa to run an orphanage feels more important to the daily tasks of raising kids. God might be calling you to Africa, Boston, or your own home – listen to Him but He also might be calling you to life, in the here and now – in your own home.

I remember the “radical movement, because I was all in and asked for God to make a difference in me.” My prayer was, “God, do not allow me to live for me, I want to live for you,” it was my continuous prayer.

My husband and I lived for three and half years in a low income neighborhood, loving on His people and saw so much fruit. However, right now we live in a “normal suburban” neighborhood and do the same.

I have been asked over and over, “we want to have a home like you.” Most of the times I say, “no, you don’t” because having a home like us is full of messes and mistakes,  so many times it looks like this car ride   but it often looks like this (this is Jackson and Daquan practicing the dance they learned on their Dominican mission trip this summer).

But the question still remains, how does a typical “suburban” home become missional?

  1. Get over the normal rules – we have boys who spend the night on school nights and are here for weeks at a time. I HAD an Instagram post (before my original account was hacked by a half naked lady) of numerous shoes – letting me know how many kids were staying at my house that night. Get over normal -school nights are not sacred. (neither will your couch, car, or any clean space)
  2. Most of the money you make WILL (for sure) be spent on groceries each week. End. Of. Story.
  3. My youngest son has a unique calling and personality for this and God has called him to be a minister/pastor to his generation (our other son will take over the world in a different way -no doubt about it)  but for our youngest -this is normal life . So, don’t begrudge the personality/gifting God has giving to each kid – one child might employ the nations with his personality yet one chid might  change with world with his determination and business sense. IMG_5352
  4. You will love/mourn kids like they are your own. We personally have done the hard stuff with many teenagers for years, only to see them “move back home,” knowing that was best – loving for a season is hard, BUT SO WORTH IT. We love when needed up close and love from a distance when best. (We had a man/child who lived with us for years and I loved him like my own,  yet one day he went home to his momma.)
  5. The nations are in your neighborhood. We have friends that joke with us like we are the United Nations (UN=EW) the “mission field” is now in your backyard – how are you going to impact them? One meal at a time, one more pizza delivery, one more spend the night, one more ride to church. One relationship at a time. IMG_5362.jpg

Our mission field is next door (the nations are in our neighborhood.)  Moms, it is time to respond to the call (traveling to Africa – no longer needed) missions is next door – to you and me.

And, you mom, whose kids are so small the nations aren’t yet impacted – your time will come –  the children you are giving bottles too – one day, will bring home friends who need the Living Water and you (mom) will show them how to acquire it.





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