Question from a friend, “Stuck in my walk with God”

“I wanted to reach out to you because I have been feeling stuck in my walk with the Lord and would really like some guidance on how to move past it.
I’ve been wanting to feel more connected and intimate with God and really feel as though he is absent in my life. He has shown up in immeasurable ways during difficult seasons and I believe he is active, but I’m longing to have that same intimate connection with him in the stable seasons of life when things are going smoothly.  I’m just not experiencing it.”
Here is my response and I thought we could all use this . . . . myself included. One danger that can happen in leadership is that we know the solutions but we ourselves aren’t working out the problem. Why don’t we commit to try one of these? Let me know how it goes?
I have experienced this in my life too – especially when I have encountered a “difficult” season and felt Him so near. I have come to realize how I seek him more in those seasons and need him more. But I have also realized that God does something so sweet with us in those difficult seasons and His presence is so close. I am learning to appreciate that grace He gives in those moments/seasons and know that is a special gift from Him during that heartache.

However, I do understand your question and I have some suggestions although in no particular order and I pray this helps.

A few suggestions:
worship music – spend time in with worship to him my favorites are Shane and Shane Shane and Shane
 and my newest is Zach Williams especially Come to the table  and Chain Breaker this whole album is so good.
unrepentant sin  – I’ll attach an excerpt from “prayer portions” that helps walk through some Little Foxes
Loving Jesus but living in sin  this blog was life changing for me to read and read. Also, confession to a friend is recommend – helps you know you aren’t alone and that there is some accountability James 5:16.
Get on your floor – get down, face in the carpet and tell Him this all of it, word vomit it all, all the fears, doubts, worries, loneliness, the” want to feel you” heartfelt cry. I often sing the song “word of God speak” as my prayer starting this time Word of God Speak
Fast and pray – nothing creates in me a dependence quickly than fasting from food. I like my food and I have to repeat the verse “man doesn’t live by bread alone but by the very word of God” over and over again. I often tell the story of a night I cooked a meal for Brad (my husband). He is usually the cook and I thought I would surprise him and since he isn’t used to me cooking he ran through and got dinner on his way home from work (again, not expecting for me to have food for him) so when he got home . . . . he had already eaten. I had a wonderful meal for him and he tried to eat it but he was already full. I think we are like this with the Lord ( I know, I am) we are so full of other things that by the time we feast on His Word, we just don’t hunger for it.
Spend time asking the Lord what you are filling yourself up with that are hindering your relationship.
The feeling train – Feeling Train  also, understanding there are times when we just don’t “feel” Him but must by “faith” KNOW that He is. We, as women, can rely on feelings a little too much. Lauren and I are sharing the feeling train here in this video for the times we don’t feel Him. There have been times, I have done all of this and still don’t get that “feeling/experience” I am longing for and then I have to just trust that He is there.

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