How To Have a Quiet Time

We are going through a series at church called, “Guidelife” The mission of New Vision is to guide people to lives of gospel transformation. Gospel transformation is the process of individuals leaving a life of self-directedness to follow Jesus and gradually conform to his image. This transformation begins at salvation and continues throughout a person’s life, but it does not happen automatically. Transformation requires intentionality, and it requires help. That is what the guide life is all about: seeking a guide to help you on your journey and becoming a guide for someone else.

This series will challenge you with six questions to help you determine where you are in the transformation process and what you are doing to help others along the way. The first question is,  When am I turning the pages?

Brad and I did a video on How to Have a Quiet Time. 

Check it out!


Here are some helpful tools and websites as you seek to grow in the Word. Remember, the goal is not information, but gospel transformation! Enjoy!
Jesus Story Book Bible –
Prayer Portions by Sylvia Gunter –
Five components of time with God:
God’s Word
Memorizing Scripture
Setting up alarms on your phone as Scripture reminders –
You Version Bible App –


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