Don’t get mad . . . Get even

Brad and I were in the kitchen yesterday, stepping all over each other in our apartment (read: tiny) kitchen. I was loading the dishwasher while he was trying to wipe something off his hand under the water. We got all tangled up, I got a tiny bit frustrated and sighed slightly so he took his wet hands and rubbed them on me. I do not like wet hands on my face – major pet peeve.  Brad, being the loving husband he is, felt my frustration with him getting in my way warranted his wet hands to my face.

My first reaction was to get all fussy, bitter, and yell for him to leave me alone. I mean, I worked all day and was loading the dishwasher – shouldn’t he try to not frustrate me instead of add to my irritants. So I thought for second and decided it was best not to get mad but to get even. I proceeded to take the sprayer from the sink and soak Brad. We laughed as water went everywhere and I glanced across the room and noticed our youngest son watching with a huge grin on his face. He began laughing loudly at watching his parents play and laugh together.

I learned yesterday that I can get mad and irritated when I get frustrated or I can play along. I also learned how important my reaction to Brad is to my kids.Image

Playing along brought smiles to all.


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