Will You Walk With Me?

I have attempted to conform myself into a real runner for years. I have tried every Couch to 5K program, Running for Dummies, and any other available running program I can get my hands on. I do well for a few months, get up to three miles and slowly quit. I am full throttle for a few months till I find myself skipping more and more of the needed runs and end up quitting all together. I have done this over and over for years and then I ask myself, why did I stop? Why would I quit running when I had such a great habit and could actually breathe through three miles? 

I burn out. I go and go and then bust. I do this in life also. I get in godly habits of spending time with God and taking time to rest before him and get in a solid place with Him and then I begin to slowly neglect Him. I get on Twitter before I spend time in my Bible and I say to myself that it is just this one morning. One morning turns into two and so on. You see my pattern and just like running, I realize I have gone more than a few days without my needed time with God. I get going and going and realize I haven’t gone to the One who puts this whole life into perspective. That is when doubt and discouragement hit. 

Our circumstances do not cause doubt and discouragement. 

Doubt and discouragement stem from not taking our problems to Jesus. 

Our problem isn’t with WHAT we encounter but WHO we approach with our problems. 

I have discovered Jeff Galloway in these past few months of attempting to run again. He is a genius. His philosophy of running for 5k’s to marathons is to take walk breaks. It is simple and applicable at the same time. 

We need walk breaks.

We need rest in this marathon of life. 

We need stop running and rest in Him. 

Genesis 6:9 Noah was a just man perfect in his generations, Noah walked with God.

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One thought on “Will You Walk With Me?

  1. Love this ! I do this too! Sometimes I get off Track so bad that I feel like I cant come to God . Feeling guilty ;(. I know deep down that God would not want that , He has his arms ready to embrace us !! I do know though when I’m close to God and having my intimate time. I process trials a lot better. Man but when I let my guard down for just a day, not having that word in my heart and mind daily. Fighting !That devil get in some how, My emotions, actions, doubt , forgetting who I am in God, Its like the devil hits you with a memory block. Very encouraging! thanks for sharing

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