“He’s a Big, Fat Idiot!”

It wasn’t too long ago that I overheard a kid yell this about his friend. I sat back and watched to see how the adult in charge would handle the situation. I am fairly certain that if I was the one dealing with this child, I would go into an explanation of how we aren’t supposed to call each other names and how we should be kind to our friends, which is true.

However, the man in charge at the moment got down right on eye level with the offender and simply said, “Yes, we are all big, fat idiots!” I was momentarily shocked at his answer and wondered if dealing with kids had finally usurped his reasoning abilities. Mr. then began to explain to the child that because we are all big fat idiots, we need Jesus. That, my friends, is one of the best explanations of the gospel I have heard in a long time.

I wonder if today is simply a typical Monday and fact that the Resurrection occurred changes nothing in your life the day after Easter.

I wonder if it already lost on us that we celebrated the fact that Jesus died on the cross because we are all big, fat sinners. I wonder how many of us are so enamored with the “big, fat idiots” around us that we have forgotten that we are like Paul, and the worst of them all.


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