Mom Be Trippin’

Occasionally, I have a break down around the house and go on a small rampage. I pick up the millions of socks in every size imaginable. I gather countless pairs of shoes and pile them by the front door. I pull out the trash bag and load it up with paper plates, wrappers, and pizza boxes. I begin to yell out orders for all the kids to pick up their junk. Now! I reach a point where I can’t stand the mess anymore and something must change. “Z” then informs all the kids that, “mom be trippin'” and they better start cleaning.  They all jump up and get after it and the crises passes. We do this about once a month around here. It is part of our routine.

I was thinking on the way to church this morning, after making my rounds through the neighborhood picking up kids, that I was getting annoyed with the small things. The daily irritation of  kids tracking in dirt, stains on the couch, and no food left in the pantry was starting to get on my nerves. Then, I got to church and we discussed the story of the Good Samaritan and I asked God to change my heart. After church, while dropping off kids at house after house – I began to feel annoyed again. I was tired and hungry and ready to be done with children. Except I am never done with kids – we have kids here even when we don’t have “our” kids.

Then it dawned on me, it is the annoying things in our lives that can make the most impact on people. It is when we are like the Good Samaritan and stop, helping our neighbor when they need it. It is when we go out of our way to pick up others for church. It is when we don’t jump down each other throats when they irritate us. It is when we keep picking up plates so they have food to eat. It is when we keep loving those who have hurt us or forgiving those who have offended us.

It is when we show grace when they deserve judgement.

We are daily surrounded by opportunities to choose to love when we don’t feel like it, what will you do today?




4 thoughts on “Mom Be Trippin’

  1. Oh. My. Goodness.

    The stress is building on me tonight. Too much I need to do. Disorganized. Not ready for a busy week. Staying up too late. Not enough sleep. Missed deadlines. No homeschool plans for Monday morning.

    No doubt, my blood pressure has increased.

    I come upstairs and Caleb hasn’t finished filling the dishwasher and setting it to run before he went to bed. Zach didn’t rinse out his milk cup. Didn’t clip the bag of Doritos and put them in the cupboard. Etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    My flesh wanted to go drag those boys OUT OF BED and make them do what THEY WERE ALREADY TOLD to do!!! {insert roaring lion growl here}

    Instead, I tried very hard to take a few deep breaths (or at least SOME sort of longer breath) and just take care of it myself. Which I did.

    So I come upstairs (another level up – it’s a tri-level) to wrap things up in my office/studio/spare room so I can go to bed. But naturally, I pop in on my email first. Never mind that it’s late and I’m an idiot for not just shutting this down. But in this case, I think God had His hand in it.

    Because there was your post. I always enjoy reading what you write, so of course, I had to open it and read it before heading to bed.

    Can you say, “CONVICTION?” With a Capital C . . . and all the rest of the letters!!

    I know, I know, I know that these little irritations aren’t that important. I have got to learn to not let them gain such a foothold of anger in my life! And yep, it starts with taking it to God. He’s the One who can make that change.

    I’d have been on a major rampage, too, had I not been working on some copywriting for a friend’s book. It was sure boiling on the inside.

    Thank you so much, Kasey, for sharing this. Thank You, GOD, for making me read it when You did.

  2. You are speaking close to home, Girl! ~No, right AT home, directly to my heart!!
    Thank You, Lord, for RENEW-ed grace to help us love the messy, give when we want to take, and to see when our’selves’ try to take over the Spirit…

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