It’s just a game

It is half time and I can hardly stand it. Tebow is losing and I doubt they will win. I keep remembering one thing he said last week win they miraculously won. He basically refered people to the fact that important thing was the girl (I think) he saw after the game that had numerous surgeries. He pointed to something other than himself and saw the game as exactly what it was – a game. When the game was over Tebow knew one thing we would all be better off to remember – what really matters in life.

Tebow had just won the game of his life and he was remembering what was really important – others and Jesus. If Tebow loses tonight, he can walk away knowing the same thing. It is a game and he knows what truly matters.

I have often wondered how Tebow doesn’t get rattled when he is being shunned or glorified and it hit me last week when he pointed to the girl with the numerous surgeries.

He knows what really matters.

I wonder what our lives would be like if we lived for what really matters?

We might have failures or success in life but we can know one thing – our Redeemer lives.

Win or lose, Tebow says the same thing – Jesus Christ is his all in all.

Can we say the same?


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