New Shoes

For Christmas, my husband sort of gave each of us one hundred dollars. We received the hundred dollars but on the condition that we gave fifty of it away. We were told to pray about and ask the Lord to show us who He would like us to share our hundred dollars with. We were not allowed to spend our fifty until we gave our fifty away.  I knew immediately who I wanted to give mine too and waited for the perfect opportunity.

Last Sunday, after church, we were sitting around our usual table at the mall for lunch and my oldest son was having trouble figuring out who he wanted to give his money too. He, naturally, already had big plans as to what he could spend his fifty dollars on and so He tried to convince me to let him spend it and I said no. The boys all began discussing an after lunch basketball game and which neighborhood kids they could invite. As soon as he started naming names, he knew what he needed to spend his money on. One of our neighbor kids really needed new basketball shoes. He excitedly got up and they all went off to buy him some shoes.

It took him awhile to pick out the perfect pair of shoes. He found them and was ready to buy them and looked at the price of the shoes.


That was a bit more than the fifty dollars he intended to spend, but he really wanted for our friend to have the new shoes.  Drew eagerly decided to spend all his hundred dollars on his friends shoes.

I was a proud momma. It was a treat to visible see God working in my kid. It is our job as parents to put our kids in positions to be able to share God’s love. It is God’s job to work in the hearts of our kids. I so often get that confused and try to do the work that only God can do. My job is to disciple and put my kids in positions to receive and share God’s love. His job is to work in their hearts.

God promises us that “so is my word that goes out from my mouth: It will not return to me empty, but will accomplish what I desire and achieve the purpose for which I sent it.” We pour God’s love and His word into their hearts and move away and allow God to do His work.


4 thoughts on “New Shoes

  1. Wow, Kasey!! I love Brad’s idea of giving $100 and making you give half away before spending anything on yourself. Even more, it is such a blessing to hear that Drew bought those shoes anyway! Praise God!! 🙂

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