Top Posts of 2011 #8


Some Guys Are Chasing Me!

Posted on March 11, 2011 by 


It was the middle of the afternoon last week and brad had gone to pick the boys up from school for me. I was standing in my backyard minding my own business, waiting on the puppy to do his business. Out of the blue, the neighbors dog starts barking and teenager comes out of no where and jumps over the fence into my yard. I think me standing in my backyard with a tiny white puppy scared him as much as it scared me. We both just looked at each other for a minute and then I recovered from my shock:
I said:”Baby, are you ok?”
Teenager: “Yes, mam but some guys are chasing me!”
Me: “Oh no, just hide right there!” I was silently thinking that something must have happened at the basketball court and he had gotten into a fight.
Seconds past and Brad pulled up with the boys in the backyard. He looked at me a little worriedly and asked me what was going on? He said the cops had the neighborhood sealed off and they were looking for someone??
My response:”Oh, not much, this poor kid is just hiding back here from some guys.” As I am saying this, understanding is beginning to dawn on me.
Brad: “Uh, Kasey, the “some guys” are the cops!”
Kasey: “Ooh!”

Just another day in the neighborhood!


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