Life Gets Lifey

Our teaching pastor at church refers to difficult times as “when life gets lifey.” My life has been lifey this past week.

I am challenged by the verse about not letting a “root of bitterness” into your life. I feel it coming, I sense my anger stirring inside. My pulse beats a bit faster, and my face reddens a bit at the loss I am feeling. How do I prevent bitterness from growing?

Things grow when they are fed. When I begin to replay actions over in my head, when I have conversations inside my heart, and dwell on the hurt – I am growing my own little root of bitterness.

How do we stop the growth from occurring? We must think on what is true, noble, right, pure, lovely, and admirable. (Phil.4:8) Get those notecards out and turn your praise music on.

My dad tells a story of a boy who got the words of Mary confused. He said, “Mary ‘pounded’ these things in her heart instead of ‘pondered.'”

Some days we need to pound His truth into our hearts so that we may grow in ourselves flowers of love and forgiveness and not a tree of bitterness.

Pound away!


4 thoughts on “Life Gets Lifey

  1. Kasey, God has had that verse repeating in my head all day today and yesterday. Along with Ephesians 5:19 (addressing everyone in psalms, hymns, and spiritual songs…), thinking on that which is lovely and pure has been set in my heart as a goal for which I must strive. God’s Word is certainly our weapon that quenches bitterness and gives us wisdom to know when to be tender and when to be firm (like the Desiring God article discussed). Thanks for sharing what God is reminding you from His Word. I love that He’s told me the same! Oh, and you may want to edit “feed”;) or maybe not:)

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