I have heard from a few people whose teenage girls are reading the book. One reason I wrote this book is to offer hope for some and possibly a warning for a few. I am still amazed that God used my sin and rebellion to lead me to Him and prepare me for a dark road ahead. He is just that GOOD of a GOD. He uses our consequences and our heartbreak to force us to press into Him even more. What a mighty God we serve!

Here is a snippet from when I was a teenager:

“I began to listen to other voices, give in to small changes, seek people’s affirmation of who I wanted to be, and not who Jesus wanted me to be. This gradual shift quieted the small voice telling me how to live. It loudly objected at first, but the longer I ignored it, the quieter it got until the voice became barely a whisper that I no longer cared to hear.

It was the worst decision I could have made. It was a decision to stop following God and taste what I thought was a life of freedom. I decided that day in photography class that my parents and God didn’t know what was best and I did. My small decisions lead to larger decisions which resulted in a life of habitual sin.  It was a heart change that led to heartbreak.” – God Enough

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2 thoughts on “Choices

  1. That “dreaded, not-needed for my teen-talk” from a parent about premarital sex certainly can use back-up from personal experience! I’ve encountered several very-surprisingly teens-at-risk in doing physical exams. This finding has hammered home the realization that we as humanity are such in need of His grace, and so-called to admonish one another in Him, His Word, His ways…putting on our own armor and helping to equip our fellow Christians for the battle we all face continuously in various ways. Thank you again for your honesty, your willingness to expose that which we try to be above for the sake of others, and for your devotion to our great Saviour…Saviour Who can and does free us from many forms of chains. You are loved, sweet Kasey!

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