Breeding Rednecks

Breeding Rednecks


My hubby and a great friend, a huge supporter of our ministry, loaded up a bunch of boys and took them to the woods for a man day. We had a good friend allow them to go crazy on their land for the day. Here is the group before they left. I wish I had an after shot of them. They were a muddy, tired and happy group. I told Brad he is breeding rednecks in the name of Jesus.

Breeding Rednecks

It is because of others that we get to do what we do. A church that provides a house for the kids to come and play. Friends and family who give money for the never-ending supply of groceries needed. Friends who go and purchase thanksgiving meals for our kids.

I have come to realize that God gives us things and He wants us to use those things to show the Gospel to others.

We use land to take boys hunting and fishing for the first time. Then share the Gospel and the meaning of manhood with them after a day of total fun.

We use our house, not to decorate, but demolish for the sake of the Gospel. My couches have become battle wounds of honor for boys learning what a family really is.

My front yard is a war zone of football, guns, and basketball.

My car is marked by a dozen kids squeezed in for church Sunday morning, with donuts left on the seats.

The Gospel. Everything we have been given can be used to make an impact on others.

How are you using the things God has given you to make a difference in the lives of others.

2 thoughts on “Breeding Rednecks

  1. Brad shines like a beacon in the midst of the crowd. And I do mean that in more than one way. In love, of course.

    Awesome and convicting post, Kasey. Thank you.

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