Easy “A”

One of my children, who will remain nameless, does very well in school. The harder the class is for him the more he works. However, when he has an easy class – he blows it off and barely tries. It is infuriating to me to watch him care less about a class he could easily ace with a hint of effort.

In our connection class this morning we were talking about how our parents were much more committed to church than we are as a generation. We discussed how our parents came on Sunday morning and night and then were back for Wednesday night services. I have been thinking about this all day. Is it our lack of commitment? When I look at my generation, I see lots of commitment to many activities, but a lacking of commitment to church.

I wonder if we have made it too easy? I wonder if we are like my son who blows off a class that requires little thought and effort, but aces honors double math classes. I have to wonder if the attempt to make church more user friendly, we have lessened the value of church? I wonder if the lack of effort and thought required to go to church makes us lazy and lethargical about the importance of the subject we are studying.

I wonder . . .



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