Charge for Church?

“If you ever questioned if God created us to worship, then check yourself at 7:05 tonight.”

I borrowed this quote from a friend, he had put it up on his Facebook the night the Rangers played in the World series.  I have been thinking about it ever since. I imagine that it could apply to most weekends. I did watch “the game” last night – LSU vs. BAMA and this quote came to my mind. Do we question if we were made to worship?

I just spend too much time and money worshipping the wrong things that I am so full of junk – I have nothing left for what I was made to worship. Then I wonder why I am left feeling empty? Why a win or loss doesn’t really satisfy longer than a few minutes?

I got up this morning eager to get ready for church and I wondered if we charged for church if we would think it is important? This verse came to mind, “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Luke 12:34. What if you could purchase season tickets? I wonder if I spent the time, money, and energy on God that I do on others things if it would cause me to worship Him?

I tire of pastors who get up and say that he knows we can clap, yell and scream for a game but sit stoic in church. Yet, there is a deep truth there – we worship what we spend time, money, and energy on. When you have spent more than a hundred dollars a person for a seat – you care what happens on that field/stage.

If church was a hundred dollars a seat next week, would you pay it?


2 thoughts on “Charge for Church?

  1. So true! I pray that we would be more like one of Will’s favorite Bible characters: the poor widow who treasured up that which cannot be lost over fleeting and unfulfilling counterfeits. I’m in on the Season Tickets! And let’s get the best box in the House!

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