And it is November. Really, Where did October go? It always seems that this time of year just flies by. I want to enjoy it, I really do but it feels like each night I get into bed wondering where the day went.

Today, I got up a few minutes early just to sit in the quiet and drink coffee and read My Utmost in the dark before anyone else was moving around. I needed to refocus on the Lord and just sit patiently before Him. I have been talking to Him often but I am not sure that I have really taken the time to listen. I pour my complaints out, but do I sit and allow Him to readjust my attitude towards what is important to Him? I am so busy talking that I forget to listen.

I have noticed that when I don’t take time to listen to Him and read His word, I get consumed with what I want to do and not what HE wants me to do. So, this morning and I sit and I wait. Quietly. And softly He begins to readjust me to His way and His will. I pray, “Word of God speak!” And It does.



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