A Cracked View

I have looked at my phone through a cracked screen for the past 6 months. I am so used to it being cracked that I barely notice it any more. I hardly realize it till some kind person sees the cracks and tells me that I can get it fixed. Then I have to go into my long explanation on how I have an upgrade so I don’t want to spend money to fix it till the new phone comes out. I have lived with a broken phone so long that I am used to seeing my apps through all the cracks. I am comfortable looking past the scratches and use my phone daily with no apparent problems.

My oldest son got his new phone yesterday and we were playing around with all the new features. I kept looking at it and couldn’t believe the difference from my phone. I could clearly see the phone and the longer I looked at the new phone – the harder it was for me to go back to my cracked screen.

I am pretty sure we all do this with our view of God – we have a partial view of God.  We have heard from others what God is like and we have listened to countless sermons on the character and attributes of God. But we are looking through a cracked screen and we don’t even realize it. There will be things of God that  we will never fully know and understand. But God has given us a gift, His Word, to get a clear picture of who He is.

I am just scared we are looking through a cracked screen and don’t fully know what God even says about Himself. We have gathered bits and pieces of information over the years based on things we have heard of God yet we don’t know for ourselves what God says of Himself in His Word. We continue looking at a cracked screen and don’t even know the difference.

There is a way to clearly see God for Who He is – His Word.

Find a church that preaches His Word fully – not bits and pieces.

Get in a Bible study that digs deep into the ways and practices of God and most importantly, get in the Word yourself and allow God to speak to you.


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