Protect The Ball


There is one main thing our boys are taught in football – protect the ball, no matter what. You are to secure that ball with life and limb, which often get broken in the process, but you hold onto that ball. This is one of my favorite pictures of my son from a recent football game. He is in the fetal position over the ball.

I have been thinking about that picture all day. I have to ask myself if I am teaching my kids the same thing about the Christian life.

At my kid’s school the teacher asks them questions and they are to respond to these specific answers they have been taught. Here are a few of them:

Teacher: Who made you? Child: God

Teacher: What else did God make? Child: God made all things.

Teacher: Why did God make all things? Child: For His own glory.

Teacher: How do we glorify God? Child: By loving Him and doing what He commands.

I just wonder that if our kids were taught our single purpose is the Glorify God how their lives would change. If we taught them to Glorify Him like football players are taught to protect the football. I wonder if they knew that their goal each day was to love Him and do what He commands? How differently would our lives be?

Our football kids are taught that it might be painful, that you might break a limb, and that there is time when you have to get on the ground and hold that football with everything you have. What if?? What if? We said the same to our kids, with the same passion and importance that glorifying God in our lives means everything! Yes, we might get hurt and broken but His Glory is ALL THAT MATTERS!






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