Courageous – The Call of Tragedy

I sat in a dark movie theater surrounded by friends. The movie started, I saw faces I recognized from previous movies. I sat back to enjoy what I knew would be a great movie. Then I watched as the main characters cell phone buzzed over and over, yet was ignored.

That sinking feeling came over me. The kind that you know something awful is about to happen and there is nothing you can do but accept the call of tragedy.

Often in our lives we will have to accept the call of tragedy. There is no choice but to answer and watch our lives change in a matter of seconds. Courageous shows a hurting world what to do with that kind of phone call. We all receive them to one degree or another and what we do after we hang up the phone is the most important decision we can make.

Courageous shows the world how to be a godly father, which was the main thrust of the movie but it did so much more than this. It gives the world hope in Jesus. It plays out on the big screen what one can do when the call of tragedy rings at your house.

It is not often that we get to watch on the big screen an example of how we should live our lives but we have been given a gift with the movie Courageous. A gift of light in a dark world. Paul, in Corinthians, says, “Follow me, as I follow the example of Christ.” Often we just need an example, a person to walk ahead of us and show us promise – Courageous does just that.


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