That Hard Question

I went for a long walk with morning and had Matt Chandler blaring over the lawn mowers and dog barking. He was talking about transitions – mainly the transitions that happens when we die. Yes, heavy topic for an early morning walk. Then he threw out the question that occasionally rolls around in the back of my brain but is too hard to think about so I push it way back.

He said, “What about the deaths of children and 4 or 5 year olds? Honestly, I don’t know.” I appreciate his honesty. I am happy when a preacher can admit to not knowing something that Scripture doesn’t clearly define. The bottom line is this – Scripture doesn’t one hundred percent answer this question to my liking. There is just not a whole lot of clarity on the subject. It is a question that if I am truly honest can haunt the gooey insides of my mind. The part where deep fears lay hidden but occasionally arise to the surface.

Soft tears came to my eyes as I walked through my run down neighborhood. God wanted me to ask this question to Him and allow Him to respond. Relief came as I admitted that this scared me. Comfort came as I openly said I need more than this – I need answers. Comfort came as He simply said, you must trust me on this.

The word faith is used so often that I had lost an appreciation for what it means to have faith in God. Today, I had to learn afresh what it means to have faith. Faith is to have confidence or trust in a person or thing. This morning I had to choose faith when there were no black and white answers.

Today, I choose to believe when the proof is not staring me in the face on the pages but the God of the universe is whispering softly to my heart, “Trust me.”

What is that thing for you that hides deep down that you are really scared to stew over for fear of the answer? Allow God today to speak confidence in Him to you. 


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