The Diet

I am on this new diet and I have lost a few pounds. I guess it is noticeable because I went to church today and got more than one question about how I lost the weight. People wanted to know what diet I was on so they could also follow the same diet.

A friend told me about this diet and I was interested so I got on my kindle and ordered the book immediately. I devoured the book, making highlights and notes about how to best follow this diet. Yes, I am a nerd. This friend and I decided to keep each other accountable and check in on each other to help us stay on our diet. We would text throughout the day. I even texted her when I really wanted this giant cinnamon roll at the football game. She encouraged me to resist and I did. I was glad the next morning when I jumped on the scales that I had resisted. I have even gone as far to call my mom and sister and tell them about this diet and seeing if they want to join in with me.

Today, I wondered why my Christian life isn’t like my diet.

I wondered why people don’t stop me in town asking what is different about me.

I wondered why I don’t devour THE BOOK the way I did the diet book.

I wondered why I don’t ask my friends to keep me accountable to His Ways the same I way I did this diet.

I wondered why I don’t try to follow His Rules the same way I wanted to follow the diets rules.

I wondered what I would look like if I followed His Book with the same gusto I followed this diet.

I might be a few pounds thinner but I am heavily convicted that I am spending more time worried about my weight than my wonder of our Mighty God.



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