Life is a Highway

I have a about a twenty minute drive to take my oldest to school. I do it so often that I can almost drive it without even thinking. My car just goes naturally toward the direction of the school. When I first started taking Drew, I hit a few potholes (yes, flat tire, thank goodness I was not in my robe) and I have even wrecked once.

Now that I have been driving the same drive twice a day for months – I know what streets and exits to take to avoid the traffic, potholes and bad intersections that wrecks often occur. I pretty much know how to make my route with the least possible resistance.

I was convicted last night that I can live my life this way – avoiding wrecks, traffic, and potholes. These things are a pain and so I avoid them. I avoid those people who bother me instead of showering them with Christs love. I take a different exit so I don’t have to deal with certain feelings or perhaps encounter a homeless beggar.

When I am not steeped in tragedy, I can pretty much live a good life without Christ. I know the big sins to avoid. (I have already committed them before and know NOT to go back down that road) But I can get into a rut. I can just live each day taking the same route and doing the same things without even needing God to intervene or much less help. I am realizing God just doesn’t want us to live the same old boring life. He wants us to go out of our way to encounter those who don’t know Him. He wants us to exit off the freeway of our busy lives and find someone to shower with His love.

What can you do differently today to change your route so that you show others His love?




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