Happy Birthday Jake

Today, Jake would be 12 years old. I wonder what he would be like today. Would it be hard to wake him up for school now? Would be athletic like Drew or musical like Jackson? Would he be rebellious or sweet natured?All the unknowns swirl around my head. What could have been?
Then I ask myself who would I be if Jake was still here? I am sure other trials and heartbreak would have led me to a closer walk with the Lord but I know for certain that I would not have seen God’s saving light so brightly had it not been so dark.
Last night, Tommy Walker led us in a worship song called “Taste and See.” it make me realize that God gave me enough grace to really taste Him and see that He was good.

Having swallowed the bitter pill of death, life seemed flavorless.

However, Through His grace, I swallowed my pill but with The Living Water.

Our tragic circumstances, taken with the Living Water of our Lord Jesus, can and will allow us to say that we have tasted and seen the Lord and He is good.


9 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Jake

  1. I can’t wait to meet him.

    I’m glad you are where you are for this anniversary. Worship is such good medicine for the soul. I hope it gives you rest and peace today.

    I hope you enjoyed some Tommy Walker for me. He’s one of my favorite worship leaders. My dad used to always work in some Tommy Walker choruses into the worship set list for me because he knew I was a big fan (but I think I turned him into one, too!)

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