Sing, Sing, Sing

I must admit that I personally have spent many hours preparing my kids for many things – sat hours at football practice, driven back and forth to baseball. I have spent countless hours reading school books, calling out questions for quizzes, and checked hours of homework. I have trained my kids in many things but I seriously lack in training them in biblical knowledge and foundations.  The one thing we as parents are called to do – disciple our children.

I have raved about Tim Tebow’s book to everyone I know. I am trying to implement in our lives some of the things that Tebow’s parents did with them. Tebow’s mom spoke at the crises pregnancy center banquet last year and one thing she said she continually did was teach scripture to her kids through song. She even went as far as singing those songs for us. Aren’t you glad this is a blog and I can’t sing to you? 🙂

When we picked up our kids from Kanakuk this year Joe White said something I will not forget. He said the only thing you can give your kids that will go with them EVERYWHERE  is SCRIPTURE MEMORY. When you put God’s word in their hearts it follows them and stays with them when you can’t be there.

Are you starting to see a theme I am learning? Scripture Memory is the defense we give our kids to withstand the temptations and trials our kids (and us) will encounter.

We started Jackson in a new school this year. It is a classical academy and I am so thankful that we were able to make it work. My favorite part about his school is that everything they do ties into God’s word. They take Deuteronomy 6 seriously. Every subject studied is tied into what God’s word says about that subject. It is amazing to watch. They are studying DNA and simultaneously learning the whole chapter of Psalm 139.

Each day begins with chapel and they sing a song everyday that is straight Scripture.  It comes from Deut. 6: 4-5 “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one.  Love the LORD your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.” Those kids start each day knowing that we are called to love the Lord with all our hearts, souls, and strength. Since it is in a song they learn it within a couple of days. Jackson came home and asked me how did they make school so fun? I love that.  I am learning the songs right along with them and have increased the amount of Scripture I know in a week.

Psalm 119:11 ” I have hidden your word in my heart that I might not sin against you.” 


3 thoughts on “Sing, Sing, Sing

  1. Man, this hits me right between the eyes. I always want to have my boys memorize scripture, but I sure don’t follow through very well. As I sit here planning our school year (we start Monday), that is one thing that I have planned into our day – again. Only this year, I am determined to DO it.

    When my grandma was in her 90s, had dementia, and her memory was not so hot, she still KNEW SCRIPTURE. What an incredible testimony of His word being hidden in her heart. She would pray for us and quote verses and it was so beautiful. It truly does stay with you – even when other things don’t. She was living proof of that.

  2. I’ve been challenged to memorize alongside my boys as they memorize their “school assignments” (assignments for which I continually praise God!!!). God as really re-opened some youthful areas of my brain, enabling me to remember longer passages of Scripture. I love that He is revealing well-known (or so I thought) verses to me in beautiful new ways. How great is our God and precious are His thoughts to me!!! I’m so thankful you’re part of our Providence Family. Who knew you’d be so intimately acquainted… Mrs.Ewing ;)??

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