Ok, here I go. I bought Tim Tebow’s book this summer for Drew to read. He began reading it on our mission trip to Honduras. He loved it and started reading parts to us and then I read it. Then Brad read it. You should totally read it.

I fell in love with that kid. (man) And his parents. I had the priviledge of hearing his mom talk at the crises pregnancy center banquet not too long ago and was slap amazed at her as a parent. They didn’t play. (For example, they couldn’t watch Matlock on Saturday nights until they had recited their Scripture vereses for the week.) Now that I have read the book and learned so much about parenting a strong willed, competitive athelete, I am now a huge fan of Tebow. I haven’t figured out yet how to root for Tebow and not root for the Broncos since I am a die hard Cowboy fan. Right now, as a Cowboys fan, you have to be a die hard in order persevere through this rough patch (decade).

Anyway, my point is that Tim Tebow is the real thing and when you are the real thing you are going to get real attack. Last night as we were watching the game and listening to the totally annoying announcer criticize every wrong and ignore every right move Tebow made, Brad said, “the only way to understand this – pure spiritual attack!”

I sat there and thought about how I have prayed that my boys would take the kind of stand that Tebow has taken and as I did that I realized that they would also have to take the kind of attack Tebow is getting. We don’t get one without the other.

A few things that really stood out to me about the way they parented Tebow (but read the book for better understanding)

They made sure he knew that the gifts God had given Him where for God’s glory and not his. Tebow was not allowed to brag about how he did in a game – he was only allowed to tell others his stats if he was asked outrightly.

They protected his environment and took serious steps to disciple him while he was under their roof. (I don’t want to get into a homeschool/private/public debate) I am just stating what they did (we personally have done each one of these school options). They used the years they had Timmy at home to pour into him the things of God and then at college they sent him out into the world. I am still processing through this all but I am reminded of how Jesus didn’t start his public ministry till he was 33 and their is a verse in 1 Timothy 5:22 about laying hand on leaders too quickly. I wonder if we tend to send our kids out into the world too quickly?

I think so many of us want to raise men like Tim Tebow but we don’t want to do the work his parents did with him. I know I fail that. I have great ideas but my follow through is awful. Praying for a us as parents to do the work to raise kids that love the Lord.

They did so much more but I am going to let you find out for yourself when you read the book 🙂


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