My Wreck

About a month ago I got into a wreck. It was a fender bender and everyone is ok but I was at fault. I had to call Brad and tell him that I just hit another person and messed up their car and mine. I kept telling him over and over that I was sorry. I would call, text and when he got home that day I followed him around asking if needed anything. I cooked dinner and lavished him with attention. He finally looked at me and said, “I am not mad at you. It is ok.”  He knew my actions were different based on the mistake I had made that morning. I knew that I had caused our family extra expense and I was genuinely sorry. It was an accident but I knew it was a costly one.

My actions remind me of one of my favorite verses. Luke 7:47 says, “Therefore, I tell you, her many sins have been forgiven – for she loved much. But he who has forgiven little, loves little.”  My wreck reminded me that I have been forgiven much and needed to love much. Why was I so loving to Brad? Because I knew I had messed up big time! God gently reminded me that I should be like this all the time to Him, to Brad, to my family and to those around me.

I needed a reminder that I had sinned much and needed to love much as a result of my forgiveness I had received.

I think we become unloving to others when we forget how much we have been forgiven. I think when we forget how often we sin and focus on others sin we become prideful. We stop going around lavishing love on others because we think they don’t deserve it. We see their sin and withhold our affection from them instead of seeing how much we have personally sinned and how God never withheld His affections on us.

The danger in being a Christian for a long time is that we learn how to “act!” We have played the Christian long enough that we stay away from the big no’s. We forget how much we  sin and so we forget how much we need to love. Jesus said the greatest of these is love.

Who have you stopped loving lavishly? I am praying today that it falls fresh on us how much we have been forgiven so that we can go out and love much.


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