Pharisee Parenting 2.0

I probably could write a whole weeks worth of posts or even a book (better finish my first one before I even think of another one) on how I am a Pharisee Parent.

A few weeks ago, the yard was in awful shape and needed lots of work. We have two boys who are more than capable then getting our yard in shape. Our oldest can mow and weed eat. Our youngest can pull weeds and fix mulch. They don’t need my help to do these jobs around the house. But they both wanted our help. The easy and much cooler thing for me to do would be to send them outside and tell them not to come in till they were done. That is what I really wanted to do. Not really. I would have offered them water at some point. I am not that bad of a mom. 🙂

Brad and I ended up going outside and helping the boys. I pulled a few weeds and  sprayed them down with the water hose. I even mowed a few lines in the yard. We ended up having a great day topped of with grape snow cones to cool us off. We worked and played a bit together.

I, as the parent, have the right to send them outside to fix the yard. Sometimes I do send him outside alone to mow. But had I done what I wanted, pull rank and send  the boys outside to work alone. I would have missed out. I would have missed out on the smile I got when I sprayed them with water and the laughter I heard as they were running away.

I could have made them work alone but it was so much more fun for us all to do it together.


6 thoughts on “Pharisee Parenting 2.0

  1. There are at least ten more books inside of ya! Go for it! 🙂 our boys are the same distance apart, I’m just 6 years behind you, I’m storing every word of this for the future 🙂

  2. As I listened to the Focus broadcast this morning (which you totally have to go listen to) all I could think of was your table manners comments from the Pharisee Parenting from the other day. I loved it. You have to listen :).

    Thanks for sharing, I get so caught up in the rules instead of the memories or the times of opportunity with my kinds and even Jason, too.

    Love you, girl!

  3. You’ve got the right idea – enjoy them! Thanks for my happy! Drew ate before practice and was so tired he just couldn’t go anywhere. He showered, laid down and watched a movie we rented. He is so sweet! Made it to 7:15 practice today – Big Daddy took him.

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