The Beauty of Nothing

I feel like I am spending much of my time telling you that I am still alive instead of writing about what I am doing. That is my life right now. Two mission trips down – one more regional trip and then school starts. Where did my summer go? I spent much of it on a plane or driving in a car.

Right now, both my boys are at the best camp ever – KANAKUK and Brad and I are hiding out in a small condo, hidden in the hills of Missouri. It is a blessed relief from all the busyness of our lives. We are doing absolutely nothing and it feels wonderful. We are finding out that after 14 years of marriage we love each other more and most importantly we like each other. Sometimes it is harder to like on a daily basis than love for a lifetime. This week, we are taking extra time to like each other.

I have lots of notes and journals to share with you about my trips but not this week 🙂 You are loved! Seek Him today and love (like) those around you!


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