When I was 19, my freshman year in college I was an unwed pregnant mom. This was before teen pregnancy became a sensation and there were no reality shows to glamorize it. It was just an awful time in my life. Period. A life of sin had caught up with me.

I was feeling particularly vulnerable and just plain ugly so I decided to visit the beauty salon and get a new do. Only it didn’t turn out the way I wanted. I was going for the Meg Ryan look back when she was cute and her hair stuck up all over. It turned out black and too short. I looked more like Elvis than Meg. It was awful. I was 19, pregnant, very round(fat), and had horrible hair. The hair almost put me over the edge. But then God intervened on behalf and taught me a lesson I hope to never forget. I had lived a life of rebellion and God was stripping away everything that I held dear or relied on for my security but HIM.

I had already lost my reputation, my youth, my figure,  and now I had the worst hairdo ever. I felt like I lost everything. However, God showed me in the loss of all the temporal things I gained the one most important thing – JESUS.  I realized that when I was stripped of everything, he was more than enough.

I am so thankful He taught me this when he did. Little did I know that the stripping of everything I held dear to me would in fact prepare me for the greatest loss I have ever experienced. A few years later, our son died and I again felt that I had been stripped to the core. But I had been a given the gift previously of knowing beyond a shadow of a doubt that Jesus was enough. I was heartbroken but I knew deep down that I had a Savior to rely on.

This week, I was there when a friend had to shave her head because of chemotherapy. I watched as the hair fell to the ground and remembered the day I felt like God was shaving me of everything I held onto. I watched as God did the same thing for my friend. I watched her grasp the beauty of who she was in God. I watched as she was transformed from the inside out. I watched as she realized in that exact moment that God was enough. That He was all she needed – she didn’t need hair, she didn’t need anything but Him. It was one of the most beautiful thing I have witnessed! I was honored to stand there while she was transformed into the most gorgeous woman radiating His love inside her I have ever seen. I was speechless. I watched as God gave her a precious gift – He showed her that no matter what we encounter in this life – HE IS ENOUGH.

It was priceless.

P.S. Now I am not so picky how my hair looks


19 thoughts on “Hair

  1. Wow… blow me away. I love how evey single time I read your blog, you radiate Christ….through your words, through your emotions, & through your life. Thank you for being so honest & open…..for sharing your testimony and for just sharing your experiences in general. 🙂

  2. And we love you no matter HOW your hair looks! This was a beautiful, heart wrenching post. Thanks for sharing…

  3. Love, love, love it! (You’ll let anyone stick their fingers in your hair!!!)
    Great point!!! Lovin’ our heroines! They are so beautiful & have such a powerful story to tell! and we have pretty feet! Lol! Right?!

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