Colliding My Worlds

I struggled through the week with life out on the mission field and life attending to my household. I have been praying that God would show me how to continually collide my two worlds. I have been asking him that I wouldn’t live on mission one place and not in my home.

The biggest thing God is showing me is that I need to make my kids apart of our call to spread the gospel in our homes, neighborhoods and throughout the world. It was part of the reason we choose to move to the neighborhood we did – to allow our kids to part of everyday ministry. It was very hard for our kids when we moved but we have been here a year and I have seen huge changes in their hearts for others. It isn’t always pretty but the call to live our lives for others is always presented to us, should we choose to accept it.

The other way we are colliding our worlds is taking our kids with us on international mission trips. We have had to sacrifice big family vacations to get our whole family on a trip but it will be worth it. And we are thankful we have family that their house feels like a vacation where we can go and chill. (lest you think we don’t go and spend a week sitting by the pool playing, we do!)

One thing we are trying as church here in Bossier is a family mission trip to Austin, TX. This is a great way to begin to collide our worlds of family and mission trips. We will go to serve others and have lots of fun in the process. It is a perfect way to get your feet wet in the world of missions and not have to get a passport. If you are local and know it is time for you to take your family and obey the call to go and make disciples – this is the trip for you. You can get all the info here.

If you aren’t local, find a church who is doing the same thing! I know plenty of churches around who are taking in country trips to serve others.



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