There was a moment in time, before I got to Africa that I felt deep sorrow for the people of Africa.  The conditions they live in, the lack of clean water and the kids, oh the kids, could just break your heart in a million pieces.

However, when I actually got to Africa and experienced a little of what they experienced I noticed that they had something few of us have in America.

Now there are times in my life I have had what they have – a season, a moment, a night but not a lifetime.

What do they people of Africa have that we don’t?

A thirst for God.

I felt myself envying the people of the village we visited. Why? What could they possible have that we don’t?

They loved God and loved each other.

Each task they did, they did together as a group, laughing and singing.

They came together on Sundays to HAVE church. They didn’t go to church, they HAD church. Church on Sunday morning was their time stop working and worship the LORD. And that is just what they did.

No, I am not saying that we don’t spend our time, energy and money to help the African people. Yes, there are many who need clean water or they will die. Many who need shoes, clothes, and to hear the gospel.

But there are many who have something we might never get here . . . a hunger.

I am afraid we are so full here of junk we don’t know what it is like to ache after God.

I left Africa sad for us, wishing we were a little less full and a little more hungry.




10 thoughts on “Hungry?

  1. Yes. Please God less junk, less stuff, less to do, less me. Please God more, more, and more of you. So how do we do it? How do we live here among such clutter and distraction and glutney? God makes us hunger and thirst and please God help us understand that man cannot live by bread alone. Only you satisfy God!

  2. I remember that same feeling South Africa. All this time I’d felt sorry for them when all along they were feeling sorry for me.

    I think Africa was one of the first places that I realized I’m not nearly as smart as I think I am, don’t have it nearly as together as I like to pretend, and I belong to a God who is much bigger than I can even begin to comprehend.

    Kind of unsettling, isn’t it? Hold on to that and remember what it feels like. It’s a priceless gift.

  3. I saw a video yesterday. It was David Crowder Band – O’ Praise Him and in the video there was a guy walking with headphones on listening to the song. He was walking and singing along and praising God. It seemed like a busy place like New York or something and he raised his hands at one point and dropped to his knees too and praised Him. Sing loud in front of everyone one. I cried. I could never do that. I wish I could.

  4. This is one of the biggest reasons I get so frustrated with all the CLUTTER of my life; the stuff in my house, the things in my head, the life online, etc. I KNOW at a soul level how much is distracts and suffocates the life of Christ and my desire for Him. I know there’s so much more. But I continually live in the land of less-than.

    Thanks for sharing, Kasey. Excellent reminder.

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