On my playlist is a list of my “go to song’s” – it full of the kind of songs that remind you of WHO God is. Songs that reveal the promises of God to work in and through EVERY situation.

On my run this morning, I needed this playlist and it delivered just what I needed. You see, these past few weeks have been full of bad news and heartbreak. My run this morning was more a run of rage and pounding of the pavement. I had some deep fears and issues that needed to be pounded out before the Lord. I had some stuff that had to get out and I needed some perspective and HE DELIVERED. I don’t know I put off laying my burdens before the Lord – it is like this morning He said, “I have been waiting for you to admit to me how you feel, now let’s deal with it.” He dealt with me.

He reminded me this morning all that we have walked through, all that I have trusted Him for, and all that He has delivered me from. He gently said, “hang in there, darling – I am up to something good. I took care of you and I will take care of those who are hurting right now.”

I have one particular friend that we have lived in the same state every time a tragedy has struck our lives. I am not talking one state either – we have been in Alabama, New Mexico and Louisiana! God has taken our families all over the country yet right next door to each other when we needed the other the most. Listen sister, God is in the details and He will orchestrate not only the place of your pain but the people who surround you. He is just THAT good.

Places were grace is soon to be so amazing

It may be unfilled, It may be unrestored

But when anything that’s shattered 

Is laid before the Lord

Just watch and see, It will not be unredeemed


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