Long before we ever moved to Bossier City the youth here led a campaign to sell t-shirts to everyone to fund a water well in Africa. Maji in Swahili means water and they sold these “Maji” t shirts all over town. They even sold them as spirit shirts at schools and the kids were allowed to wear them with their uniforms to school. These teens worked incredible hard to raise close to $30,000.
Today, we got a video of the village we will be visiting on our Africa trip. Guess what? The village our church is visiting is the village that got the money our teens raised for water. Here is a brief video showing the impact that these kids made when they decided to sell some”Maji” tshirts.

The tagline to my blog is this: live simply so others can simply live
I am proud of the church I am apart of – a church that continually raises money to give to others. It is not everyday we get to see the impact made when we give of ourselves to others. This video is a gift, an encouragement to keep giving of your time, money, and talents to further Christ.


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