Shoes Update

I knew that yesterday was Monday but I didn’t feel great and it never really registered that I was supposed to post on The Praying Life. I am loving the book and will update this afternoon about the next few chapters.

I have some incredible news to share. We have team in Peru from our church right now. I am sad that I couldn’t make it on this trip but glad to get updates from Brad.

Do you remember this post I wrote after I got home from Peru last year about shoes?

Today was my first day home from Peru. It is Sunday morning. Church day.

I walked into my closet to get ready and, due to the huge mess I made last night unpacking from our trip, I had piles of clothes and junk everywhere. I began digging through piles of clothes and shoes.

Where were my brown boots? Not the dark brown boots but the light brown. Not the cowboy books – they were so two years ago. Not the round toe pair. Or the pointy elf like boots because last time I checked (probably two years ago) those were going out of style. I was thinking that the light brown with more of a square toe was what I needed. You know me, style queen. :)

While digging through shoe after shoe  . . . tennis shoes, running shoes, sandals, dressy shoes, flats, heels, boots, you are getting the picture.
I mean, I have my blog named after high heels for goodness sake. I have me some shoes.

My heart stopped. So many choices. So many shoes.

I sat there in the floor of my closet broken.

Broken because, while I dug through shoe after shoe, I now know one too many children whose only pair of shoes looks like this.

Or this.


I often feel so overwhelmed with the amount of need. There is so much need out there and I want to help but it seems so huge that I am not sure how to make a difference. Today, we can see how small sacrifices lead to big rewards for some children.  Don’t quit making the sacrifices – I can promise you that it will make a huge difference to the kid with new shoes. The day before the team left a few of us helped pack up these:




















Well, I am happy to tell you that each one of these kids now has new shoes that fit. The orphanage sent us the sizes of each kid. Thanks to Robyn Horton, our children’s minister, the children got a letter and a picture of church families along with their new shoes.  If you want to see updates and pictures from their trip you can join the churches mission Facebook page here.

I have often heard people say, wouldn’t it be better for me to just send my money instead of actually going on a mission trip? Yes, we need to send our money. But money sent is nothing compared to a changed life. A mission trip will change your life and affect how you make decisions everyday for the rest of your life. A changed life can’t be compared to a couple of thousand dollars.

A mission trip over there, will change how you live your life here and that, my friend, is priceless.


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