A Praying Life Read Along Chapters 12-14

You tell me what were your favorite parts? I wrote way too much last week. Tell me what you learned.

Give one sentence telling what you learned or are applying from each chapter.

Tell me one of your favorite sentences.


Love y’all!



10 thoughts on “A Praying Life Read Along Chapters 12-14

  1. ONE sentence? Right. Here goes – my inability to follow directions. 🙂

    Chapter 12 – I really love the part toward the end of the chapter about what the woman, Dana, observed about believers – “their wonder over the creation.” Certainly there are times that I have that wonder, but not often enough. Considering where I live, at the foot of the Rockies, in the midst of amazing and incredible beauty, I ought not ever take that for granted. Every day, there is so much of His creation greeting me and showing off Him that I should always be worshiping Him.

    Chapter 13 – I had one small issue in this chapter. When he talks about the woman, Asha, who isn’t caught up in Western thinking, he says that, “She believes that some people are more powerful with God…The only people out of touch are Westerners.” I really don’t believe that’s accurate. None of us is ‘”more powerful” with God, at least not as far as I’ve ever seen in Scripture. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong.

    But I did appreciate the way he explained God being both infinite and personal. Far too often, I’m out there on the infinite side of things and I forget that He really does care about me on a personal basis. Which leads into the next chapter.

    Chapter 14 – this was, by far, my favorite chapter out of this week’s reading. Oh my goodness! I came away from it feeling so intimately loved and cared for by God. I have often prayed for the little things in life and those are what I get really jazzed about when God answers them! I think it’s because when it comes to the big things of life, I know the He can handle those. But it’s the small matters – we need milk and have no money; I have no change so I need a parking meter with time still on it, etc – that remind me how much He does care intimately about the details of my life. Those answers put a huge smile on my face and I walk lighter the rest of the day. It’s kind of like when a friend or family member extends a small gesture of kindness – a little gift, a card, a sweet note – it just does so much for my day.

    The paragraph in the middle of page 125 really hit home with me, especially this part, “We don’t want to risk our prayer not being answered. We prefer the safety of isolation to engaging the living God.

    Man, I have lived there far too often. Yet when I compare that with the joy of God answering my little parking meter prayers, there is no comparison. I want to stop buying those lies of the enemy and live in that joy and continual communion with the Lord.

    I also loved this: “The closer something is to the character of God, the more it reflects Him and the less it can be measured.” That whole section on things that can’t be observed directly was incredible. No wonder I love to take pictures of many of those things; because I know that words are inadequate. But I don’t think that even the camera can always capture them. And that’s okay. After reading this, I think I feel more like I can worship Him through those intangible times and let go of my need to grasp and record it.

    Whew! I am SO loving this book, Kasey. Thank you for doing this. It’s definitely changing the way I view prayer and my relationship with Jesus. 😀

    1. I am reminded again and again of how much I want to be in control and part of a praying life is giving up that control and keep giving up day after day.

  2. Sorry. Just leaving a comment so I can subscribe since I forgot in my big, old lengthy post.

    BTW – it is hilarious how often you change your blog design. Every time I open it, I think it looks different. LOL!! 😉

  3. I am also greatly enjoying this book. We drove to salt lake for spring break and i have been reading outloud to my hubby. We have had some great discussions.

    Chpt 12- this helped me conider our cultures tendancy to seperate our head knowledge from our heart. How often do I hear ppl struggle with knowing Gods word but not believing it or walking it. This really challenged me to be real. To pray. I am a sucker for science and studying people. Personalities fascinate me. To read about Einstein and having just done a project with Jonah it amazed me how much of his life is left out of the books in school. Its the same for many people. Including myself at times. I dont like that division. It does feel/look phony.

    Chpt 13- to teach us how to pray Jeus told us stories of weak people who couldnt do life on their own. The widow and neighbor being desperate. I always related these storie to the persistant not the desperate. I was so convicted again by my have to persistant attitude. I need to be desperate for him. “Learned desperation is at the heart of a praying life”.

    Chpt 14-God with us. Well, He always is. Its rude to ignore friends sitting in your home. Because of the relationship. Why do I ignore God? My most important relationship. Because my eyes cant see Him, I tend to acknowledge Him less. I liked the dance. A little give and take yes but there is always a leader. Praying I will learn sooner than later how to surrender my control. Its an illusion to think i have any anyways.

    1. I once read an article in Discipleship Journal about how this woman would mentally picture Jesus sitting in the passenger seat with her (obviously when no one else was there). She wouldn’t even set her purse in that seat and she would even verbally acknowledge His presence. She did this because it helped her be more aware of His presence and impacted her attitude while driving. I always thought that was so cool and when the boys were littler or I drove by myself, I did that sometimes.

      1. Thats great!! My issues are just being busy. i need that everywhere!!! Lol. I will do that. Thanks!!

      2. Anique – Me, too. But I figured if I could implement that type of mindset even in one small area of life, perhaps it would eventually spill over into other areas. 🙂

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