Shamless Plug!

It has been so cool to see the outpouring of prayer and support. I have had friends who are saving their change for me and offer to pray, pray, and pray some more for me. I am overwhelmed and excited.

I had a good friend approach me last week about an idea to raise money for Africa. It seems that Belk’s has a charity sale each year and I can sell $5 Belk bucks and get $5 towards my Africa trip and they get $5 gift card towards a purchase at Belk’s. They are also having a huge sale that day with 20-70% off. And if that isn’t enough, the first 10o people to show up on April 16 get a gift card anywhere from $5 to $1000.  Too Cool.  My friend Dawn and I are both selling these and if we sell 700, the rest of our trip is paid for!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So, you Bossier Peeps – I have some Belk’s Bucks to sell you or can give you a stack and you can sell your heart out for me!! Or, if you live in a location they have a Belk’s like my dear friend Courtney in Mobile, AL – I mailed her a stack and she is selling them for me.

I can’t wait and I appreciate all your prayer and support. I am learning to stop doubting and start trusting!


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